HONG KONG: Another Biomedical Hub

If you are looking to extend your biomedical company, Hong Kong could be the perfect venue for you. The exceptionally advanced healthcare organization of the city offers many favorable circumstances, at the same time the briskly developing markets in Mainland China and some more parts of Asia serve profitable potential for expansion in future.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The cosmopolitan healthcare structure in Hong Kong demonstrates an appealing market for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. High class clinical services, the consequences of which are acknowledged both by Mainland Chinese and international drugs registration authority, help fascinating the domestic clinical research and the third party operators to Hong Kong.

InvestHK’s Innovation & Technology group can serve realistic assistance to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies desiring to establish in Hong Kong.

Healthcare and Medical Equipment

Medical equipment and device organizations in Hong Kong become good partners for joint venture manufacturing or contract Medical because of Hong Kong’s powerful allowable protection for any intellectual property. As the electronic content of equipment and medical devices remains increasing, the industrial base of powerful electronics in the Pearl River Delta facilitates manufacturers to step in to a more citified and creative market segments.

Medical Services

The immense professional standards of its medical personnel and the extensive use of advanced healthcare equipment and technologies make Hong Kong very popular for this category. With enhancing medical tourism and aging population, Hong Kong’s standard as a healthcare hub for the region is safe. To allow further expansion of the medical services area in Hong Kong, the government has reserved four places for private hospitals to be operated.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is an expeditiously developing field, with increasing international appreciation and understanding. Hong Kong has proved itself as a hub for the application and modernization of Chinese medicines and an impulse to grow and develop the industry is very strong here. Particularly, Hong Kong has led evidence-based and scientific research into various regions of modernized Chinese traditional medicine and is still developing Chinese medicine products for the international and domestic markets.

Facts about Hong Kong’s Medical infrastructure

Hong Kong’s per person healthcare expenditure is found to be one of the highest in Asia. Infrastructure and research funding is operating to support R&D schemes by biomedical companies. Highly experienced, most lingual and tech-savvy workforce is available to lift the business as well.