Industrialization in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s industrialization dates back when it was known for light consumer goods that any other region would as well do. With competitive spirit, rigorous research and zeal to stand out, Hong Kong is now the regional giant and the control centre for both local and international manufacturing firms. Just a reminder, it is an hour drive from the great Pearl River delta (GPRD).

In the last three decades, most manufacturing companies moved from Hong Kong to the low economy regions where labor and cost of raw material were low, for instance, southern China. Today, the reverses have been created and companies are proffering Hong Kong to those regions owing the Hong Kong’s higher up to date value functions. They include, but not limited to, proto type production, Research and Development, supply chain management, Marketing and business development, technology and software services among many others.

The city is ideally located for such businesses and professionals to supervise and monitor source trading and manufacturing at the Pearl River delta region which is immediate north of Hong Kong.

The town’s excellence is present in the areas of logistical services and high performance in production management due to which, the city has been listed as the sole major exporter of light consumer goods in the Asia pacific region. Such goods may include; jewellery, toys, electronics and accessories, textiles, and finished clothes among others.

Due to the city’s logistical ease of doing business, many industrial international giants have moved their international operational centers, regional offices and global head quarters to Hong Kong. Companies like BASF, GE, Nissan Infiniti and Liebherr are enjoying great benefits and more in the packages of simple tax systems, free economy, effective transport, intellectual property protection, proximity to China’s mainland and many more in Hong Kong.

The city has the population that need to drive the industries in, since the vast population has technical knowhow in various fields. The energy source is reliable, constant supply of power generated locally for both industries and other support services in the industrialization process.

The effective and reliable transportation network makes both transportation of the raw material to the factories and the transportation of finished products to the market both locally and internationally. The whole of South East Asia is easily accessible from Hong Kong and owing to the city, being the management area for the manufacturing industries in the Pearl Delta region where, you can easily get what you want.