World economy has been conquering newer frontiers and in such a quest, it is only natural that every country would like to be part of this great success story. Emerging markets across the continents have thrown open new business opportunities and greater employment opportunities. As part of cashing in on this success, every country has liberalised its bureaucracy while dealing with new business set ups. Some great initiatives by different governments across the world to encourage offshore company incorporations include lenient tax structures, better and faster clearance systems for licenses and single window processing structures. A few advantages are listed below:

  • Tax exemption to offshore incorporated organizations.
  • These companies can act as holding companies for bigger global conglomerates.
  • Wonderful platform for international trade.
  • Great investment climate.

With so many countries looking to take advantage of this globalization and new business markets, one country which has been in the fore front has been Hong Kong. Located in the oriental part of the world, this country is a great mix of modernisation as well as the old world. While one part of the country hosts some big names in world of business, another part of this great country is also home to some ancient world. Some advantages that encourage offshore incorporation in Hong Kong can be listed below:

  • Lenient tax structure.
  • Single license fee to be paid annually.
  • Great legal system that is transparent as well as fast and efficient.
  • A free trade window that helps international business.
  • Financial hub and home to many great financial organizations like HSBC (
  • A global platform to launch and integrate organizations.
  • Absence of stringent foreign exchange control, thereby enabling free currency trading.

Not to mention, even Hong Kong has benefited immensely by opening its markets to multi national companies. The real estate in this country is one of the most sought after and with so many organizations having opened shop, the employment opportunities have also risen considerably. Education and skill development programmes have found a new market to show case their portfolio. Though it is considered to be relatively easier to incorporate offshore companies in Hong Kong, there are a still a few regulations that are in place to ensure that all businesses that originate or pass through the country are legal, hassle free and completely clean. Some legal requirements that accompany formation of such companies in this country are the following:

  • One share holder to be legally an adult; i.e more than 18 years of age.
  • One board member/share holder to be a resident of Hong Kong.
  • Registered address to be in Hong Kong.

As an organization specializing in providing services that enable organizations to set up offshore platforms, we help in organizing requirements that help to set these up. These include registered address formulation as well as helping in acquiring of organizations in this country so that the new company has a readymade platform to start business. It is not without reason that this country has been voted as the best international location to start business for ten consecutive years by an international survey platform.

Company formation Hong Kong shouldn’t be much of a hassle. After all, you’ve got a business to attend to. Discuss with a Hong Kong company incorporation authorized agent today.