Should i Set Up Hong Kong or Bvi Company?

There are different pros and cons for setting up a hong kong company with setting up a BVI company. As each client’s situation and requirement is different case by case. Client is suggested to seek professional advice before processing.

  Hong Kong Company BVI Company
Taxation Corporate profts tax rate is 16.5% in average for business operated in hong kong. Easier to get tax exemption if the business is operated offshore.
Bank account opening Easier to open company bank account even for foreigners More requirements.documentations and proofs are needed to open company bank account.
Pricacy protection Relatively low level of privacy protection as the registration is open for public search Easier to achieve anonymity & privacy protection as the registration is not open for public search.
Enter into china market Hong kong company setup could be a better choice if you plan to set up a company or rep office in china later. Not a very preferred entity as certain restrictions might apply. Also, you could not enjoy CEPA benefits.
Discontinuance of business Required to follow deregistration procedures. Generally the whole process will take around 6-9 months. Easier process to close down the company.