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Incorporation Options for Hong Kong Offshore Companies

Registering an offshore company in Hong Kong is quite easy and quick compared to other cities in the world. Hong Kong, a city located in the Asian region, is popular for its tax schemes, political stability and positive image in the financial community.

Investors who want to set up Hong Kong offshore companies have two options; they can register a new Hong Kong company or purchase a Hong Kong shelf company.

New Company Registration in Hong Kongy

For investors who want to incorporate a Hong Kong company with a particular name, there is an option for Hong Kong incorporation of a private company. The registration of a company in Hong Kong is easy and only takes about a week.

Getting a Shelf Company in Hong Kong

For some investors the name of the company is not of importance. There are also some investors who can no longer wait for a new company to be incorporated. For these situations, it is best to buy a ready-made Hong Kong shelf company.

What is shelf company? It is an incorporated company in the city to be sold on a later date.  It is a paper company which has been legally registered and does not have any liabilities and assets. If an investor purchases a shelf company, he or she will have the liberty to change the name, increase the capital, appoint personnel and change the business address of the company.

Most businesses which opt for a shelf company are those which need to do business immediately and require registration in the city. Shelf companies which are already years old are beneficial because it will convey to people longevity and reliability.

Incorporation Facts for Hong Kong Offshore Companies

Any name proposed for companies must be approved by the Hong Kong Companies Registry. The company must have at least a single director but can have any number of directors. Directors can be a resident of the city or not and can be of any nationality.

There must be at least one shareholder and only a maximum of 50 is allowed. Shareholders can be companies or natural persons and they can be Hong Kong residents or not and they can be of any nationality. 100% local or foreign shareholding is allowed and the sole director can also act as a shareholder.

Companies are required to appoint a secretary who can be an individual or a corporate resident.  The sole director or shareholder cannot be a secretary.