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Some Tips About Macau Company Registry

Opportunities of doing business in Macau are widely available to foreign investors and businessmen, and many people are getting more interested about knowing the procedure of Macau company registry. Among several options, foreign business prefers doing business in Macau by selecting one among some particular options. Incorporating a company in Macau is the most common option, and many businessmen are doing business from Macau accordingly. Some other businesses prefer opening a branch of their existing business, as this is also allowed in Macau for foreign businessmen. Sole proprietorship and going for a representative office are two other common options for doing business in Macau.

Companies with different types and business are permitted to do business in Macau. As per the company incorporation act, businessmen from different industry with different company can start their own business in Macau. Unlimited liability company and individual entrepreneurs are two most common categories among some other options. Mixed liability companies by shares and quotas are also allowed to do business in Macau, as well. Limited liability company by shares, quotas and individual quotas are also permitted to do business in Macau, as well.

The first step of registering a company in Macau is to find a name for the company, which is not yet registered by some other company or business. A brief purpose and type of the business must also be declared while requesting for a company name.  Next, the company must complete the draft and notarize the articles of association within two months, once the certificate is issued. Name and address of the board members and shareholders also needed to be submitted in order to register a company in Macau. A proof of acceptance of the board members must also be submitted, as it comes as part of the Macau company registration act.

Anyone can be appointed as a director, either elected or selected by the board members and this is the common norms of appointing a director according to the company incorporation act in Macau. Obviously, the director must have at least 18 years of age or above. Every company should maintain a business registry and declare some basic information about the company in public. In the case of an unlimited company in Macau, there should be at least two or more directors in that company. In the other hand, limited liability company by quotas, shares and sole owners must have at least one or more directors in order to doing business in Macau.